What if my ring doesn't fit?

Unfortunately we're not able to guess your ring size, but we can help! Please send us a photo with your ring on hand and we can either: 

1. Estimate your true size, if it is very close to fitting. 

2. Send you a ring sizer kit to confirm. 

3. Give you tips/tricks to get a more accurate ring size.


What if my ring breaks?

No jewelry is ever indestructible!  Breaks can happen if you're not careful.  We replace rings broken on accident within the first 30 days for free.  If you need a replacement after 30 days, we charge a minimal fee for engravings and shipping only. 

Text: $14.99 USD

Handwriting: $19.99 USD

Fingerprint: $29.99 USD

Custom: Varies


What if my ring starts to fade in color for some reason?
We do not offer solid gold rings (our prices would be sky high if we did!), we do offer replacement for plating fades for $20 per replacement.
Platings used in our rings:
1. Tungsten Carbide - Rhodium Chromium Plating
2. Black Tungsten - Black Titanium Plating
3. Yellow Gold - 18K Yellow Gold Plating
4. Rose Gold - 18K Rose Gold Plating
Please message us at help@everafterjeweler.com if you have any questions, concerns, or if you have a custom design you’d like for us to create!