Fingerprint Rings

The Beauty Behind Fingerprint Rings...
Fingerprints are a sole indicator of someone's identity in its most simple and purest form. To us we understand how deeply meaningful it may be to have someone's fingerprint engrained into a piece of jewelry that you'd wear endlessly. A simple act of love yet bold in its own right not only declares, but solidifies the unconditional love you hold for the person. The unconditional love we share for our loved ones whether it be for our significant other, child, and/or family member can always be remembered by this small yet sentimental piece of jewelry.

 Fingerprint Ring Set

"How do I get my fingerprint to you?"

We make retrieving your fingerprint as simple as possible. We suggest using these quick tips below:

  • Ink pad or inkless fingerprint pad that notaries use
  • High resolution camera/mobile phone (to capture a clean photo of the fingerprint)

While creating your fingerprint, please add an even amount of ink (not too much, not too little) throughout the entire bottom part of your finger in order for the print to come out as clearly as possible. While pressing your finger down, please make sure you do not roll your finger and lightly press down. We suggest that you also make multiple fingerprints for us to inspect and pick from. A good fingerprint example would be one that is not smudged, where the ridges are easily visible. This will make it easier for us to clean up your print and have it look as perfect as possible. Please see below for great examples of good vs. bad fingerprints:

A clear crisp zoomed in photo of the fingerprint would be perfect to send to us. A great way to get your fingerprint to us quickly is to send it to our email:

From there a representative will confirm your fingerprints are good to go and we will be able to start the creation of your beautiful personalized ring!